In 2005, the day after New Years Day, Aowen staged a performance and installation artwork on a big construction site in her hometown - Luoyang.

The project was designed to explore the connections between smell and memory, but what happened next had profoundly influenced her art practice ever since.


Exhibition 2005

Construction Site, Mudan Park, Luoyang, January 2005

Performance Stills

"Onlookers stopped and eventually gathered around her and the work."

"The public involvement and inquisitive nature brings life to her art, the viewers themselves have become part of the performance."

"This is an audience from all walks of life, from lives where contemporary art is not promoted under the communist government."

"I have never encountered this intense fascination, curiosity and engagement from any audience like this."

"These ordinary Chinese showed amazing willingness and eagerness to explore different concepts of art."

"Contrary to their limited exposure to art, the audience embraced art with the utmost open minds."